How I Got Unstuck In One Session

Why even one session with a blogging coach is a big help getting you unstuck!

Do you have so much you want to write about but you struggle with how to get there in this blogging world?  It’s one thing to write a poem or a book about a topic because it has a somewhat fixed structure.  If there are many different topics there can be many different books or poems, each a work of its own.  But a blog… once you start, unless you quit, it is a living part of you.  The question is how well does it live?  If you don’t find your target audience and focus on that niche - you get stuck!  Let me show you how I got “unstuck” in one session with a coach!

Bonnie Frank, founder and CEO of asked me to do two things:  1. describe your ICA and 2. describe your niche in one sentence.  I think I choked on that one while she patiently listened to my spew.

“It’s not just a niche - it’s a life! It’s a lot of years - a lot of ‘stuff” - a lot of skills - exploring new things - I’m still exploring - it’s a journey into the unknown.”  And I came to a full halt when it occurred to me that I did not know what an ICA was!

I suddenly realized why I needed a coach!  That journey could be a lot easier if I had a roadmap and a tour guide who had already been down this road and had led many others on their journeys as well.  Kidders’ Crossing can be so much more.

I’m still working out my “itinerary” if you will, but it is with a lot more confidence, purpose, and fewer detours around the unknown.

Thank you Bonnie Frank!

Bonnie’s ability to sift through the confusion and brain fog that overwhelmed me and had me stuck was no less than intuitive brilliance!  She very quickly helped me see the importance of working with a coach, in many areas of our lives.  I’m grateful for the time given to me to work with her.  I found her to be easy to talk to, she really listened and the skillfully laid out a plan I could follow confidently.

My blog is becoming more focused and I’m still working on my ICA, but I have a better idea who it is now.  I highly recommend taking Bonnie up on her offers to coach!

by Kathleen J Kidder

How about you?  Are you like me?  Have you been blogging or working at blogging for more than two years and still not finding your niche?

Has your life been anything but ordinary (whatever that is)?

What emotion do you feel when you think about giving a coach access to your thoughts?   

Your comments are welcome. Thanks for visiting!

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